Pricing Benefits Explained

Unlimited small job requests

You can submit small jobs, one at a time, throughout the duration of the month. There is no limit to how many jobs you may submit. The only limitation is the turnaround time per task. To get the most value from our service please take the time to  We generally complete the small job for you on the next business day. 

1 Shopify site 

The service subscription is for jobs done on a single Shopify store. You may purchase additional subscriptions if you have more than one store.

1 job request at a time 

You may submit one small job at a time. Please do not to submit multiple jobs in a single ticket, these will not be accepted. Be clear and concise with your request. If you can't explain the job in one email, 3-4 lines, it's likely not a small job.

First response time

We reply to your job request with an approval, a refusal or a request for more clarification within the time allotted to your plan. This is subject to some slight discrepancies depending on the volume of tasks received on our desk.

1 business day turnaround 

Once the job is fully assessed and approved, we will work to get the small job done by the end of the next business day. This is measured from the time we've approved the job, not from the time of purchase. 

30 min onboarding call 
Once you purchase your plan, you will get an email on how to submit your first tasks and you will get a welcome email from me offering you time slot options to schedule a Skype call with the founder to go over the details of our service.

30 day service guarantee 

If you have an issues with our work, we will correct it, at no extra cost to, within 30 days, provided the fix or issue is attributed to our oversight. 

Jobs checked by QA team 

Our work on your site is checked by a second developer to ensure the job is done thoroughly.

Email/live chat support 

You may check the status of your job request at anytime in the customer area or submit inquiries via email or live chat. We are prompt to reply with 24 hour customer service. We do not currently offer phone support.

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