How to submit a task to Carson

Take a look at Carson's 10 Golden Rules of Fast and Easy Shopify Support.

Here is a quick overview of Best practices:

  • Be very clear with your task, add a clear title and a definitive description. Do not leave room for interpretation. It may take an extra minute or 2 but it's worth it and will help prevent additional delays during busier periods.
  • If you are not sure if you are making the right change, submit an inquiry and we will help you make a decision.
  • Submitting tasks that are vague or unclear results in unnecessary back and forth emails. This will increase the turnaround time of your task.
  • Adding screenshots will almost always speed up the processing time for your ticket. We suggest using apps like lightshot, gyazo or awesome screenshot.
  • Like any relationship, the flow of task submission to completion gets better over time. We learn your website, theme files and business objective inside out and you learn how our system works.

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